V-150 Recovery Vehicle

An Engineering, Project Management, Procurement, and Materials Management Company

Recipient of the US Presidents “E”- Star award for Export Excellence

  • Specializing in the Sustainment of U.S. Manufactured Military Vehicles and Associated Equipment
  • Serving Militaries and OEM’s Worldwide for more than 60 years
  • Maintaining a Quality Management System
  • Registered with the US State Department as Manufacturer and Exporter (Cage Code 95201)
  • Represented in 20 countries worldwide
photo of military equipment

Major Systems Supported

Tactical Wheeled M35A2

Tactical Wheeled Vehicles

  • ¼ ton: M38, M38Al, Ml5lA2, CJ Series Jeep
  • ¾ ton: M37, CUCCV
  • 1¼ ton: M715, M998 (HMMWV Family of Vehicles)
  • Truck 2½ ton: M34, M35, M35Al, M35A2, M36
  • Truck 5 ton: M809, M939 Series
Armored YPR-765

Armored Tracked
& Wheeled Vehicles

  • Armored Vehicles: M113 Series, AIFV, V150, LAV, ASV
  • Self Propelled Howitzers: M107, M108, M109, M110, M578
  • Main Battle Tanks: M41, M47, M48, M60, M728, M1, M1A1
  • Amphibious Assault Vehicles: LVTP-5, LVTP-7, AAV-7
  • Infantry Fighting Vehicles: M2/M3 Bradley
  • Miscellaneous Vehicles: M88A1, M88A2 HERCULES, M9 ACE

Our expertise extends beyond the vehicles listed here. Please inquire