legacy licensee

Legacy Platform specialist Trusted OEM Licensee

• VIC I/II Intercom Systems from Cincinnati Electronics
• M-113 Partner to BAE/US Government

V-150 undergoing Maintenance at NAPCO

V-150 undergoing Maintenance at NAPCO

Fleet Sustainment for
Cadillac Gage Legacy Vehicles

  • Vehicle and System upgrades
  • Procurement and Stocking of Spare Parts
  • Obsolescence Management
  • Integrated Logistic Support
Final Drive Production

Final Drive Production

M113 Partner

  • Sustaining M113 for over 35 years
  • Supported multi-year upgrade Programs of thousands of vehicles in more than 10 countries
  • Preferred manufacturer and supplier of Final Drives and Transfer Cases to OEM and Militaries Worldwide
  • Pioneered A3 Upgrade Kit for US Government
VIC-2(V) Communication System

VIC-2(V) Communication System

Servicing & Sustaining of
VIC Intercom Systems

Authorized by Cincinnati Electronics

Servicing and Sustaining of Vic
Intercom Systems

  • Can be upgraded to VIC-1(N)/VIC-2(V) NAPCO designed Surface Mount Solid State

CVC Headset

  • Standard CVC headset with push-to-talk switch Can be upgraded to the PICVC Headset with ANR (Active Noise Reduction)
  • Ballistic shells also available

An Established Foundation of Trust